What We Do

Leaving a Legacy For Your Loved Ones

It’s only natural for most of us to want to ensure our assets are distributed in accordance with our wishes when we die. Leaving as much to our loved ones, with as little as possible to the government.

In our experience people who aspire to reduce the amount of tax paid by their loved ones when they die, want to do so without compromising their current lifestyle.

Again, if your aims are to be achieved, careful planning is required.

We’ll start by understanding your aims and objectives, followed by an analysis of your current situation and the tax liability due on your death.

That will allow us to develop a financial plan, including a Lifetime Cashflow Forecast, to achieve the twin aims of reducing tax, without impacting on your standard of living.

In the context of the financial plan, we will explain the options, which are numerous, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

We’ll also help with the basics:

  • Ensuring your will is up to date, and reflects your current wishes
  • Where appropriate putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), which dictates who can make financial and health-based decisions when you are not able to do so yourself