Why Choose Us

We are financial planners

Want to understand you, your aims and aspirations, only then will we start to talk about money.

As planners our focus is to put a plan in place rather than simply selling you a product.

We are independent

We are not restricted by product, or provider.

That means that no restrictions are placed on us when we are implementing the financial plans we have developed.

Our Philosophy

We go the extra mile for our clients, which is why we take the time to really get to know every person we work with to understand their situation and needs fully, before making any recommendations. We use this knowledge to explore more avenues than the average financial planner, and aim to plan for scenarios others may not think of.

Our support team is larger than our adviser team, which means that we have the available resources and time to give each client the focus and attention they need to thrive.

We take our experience and knowledge very seriously and strive to keep our knowledge current and our qualifications refreshed.

We maintain strong relationships with professionals in complimentary industries, such as solicitors and accountants.

Professional and Experienced

We place great emphasis on our continued professional development. We believe that gaining qualifications and continuously updating our knowledge is vital to our role as a financial planner.

In-keeping with this belief, Sean has completed the Kinder lifestyle planning course and is a Chartered Financial Planner.

Accessible Location

Our office is in the heart of the West End, which means that many of our clients include a visit to us in a pre-planned day out to the theatre, museum or simply for a nice meal. We love hearing our client’s plans for the rest of the day and enjoy being able to fit nicely into a memorable day out.

With such a central location, we can easily offer our services to clients living within London, the Home Counties and beyond.

Regulated and Compliant

The firm is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What Our Clients Say

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